Shelly Hess is a proud mother who loves nothing more than spending time with her family, and teaching her remarkable son and daughter the value of the family bond. She is also an animal lover, whose two dogs love to take her for a walk in the park on a beautiful fall or spring day. 

When Shelly is not spending time with her extended family, or at work in the medical billing industry, she often enjoys a good glass of wine while contemplating a serene lake or the sound of the surf on a beach vacation. 

The author firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell, and no matter how wounded we may be by circumstance or tragedy, healing can come in the telling of our story. It is her hope that in sharing her tragic experience, she can encourage and inspire those who are facing challenges of their own.

Shelly Hess lives in a suburb of St. Louis, where she awaits a golf teacher with the patience to teach her the game. She firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, and trusts in the ancient Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” 

The Biographer - Vivien Kooper
Shelly enjoyed working with Vivien Kooper and wanted to share her web site so that other writers could engage in her services.  Vivien's web site is

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